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5/16 -
Common Cafe and Tavern - Rumney, NH
5/28 -  The Shaskeen - Manchester, NH
5/30 - Bacon Fest - North Berwick, ME

6/3 -
The Grange - Providence, RI
6/4 -
The Common Man - Windham, NH
6/7 -
Capital Center - Concord, NH
6/11 -
Common Cafe and Tavern - Rumney, NH
6/12 -
The Stone Church - Newmarket, NH
6/13 -
33 Golden - New London, CT
6/20 - Kittery Block Party Music Fest, ME
6/23 - 
The Shaskeen - Manchester, NH
6/25 - Market Days - Concord, NH
6/26 -
Seven Stones Cafe - Media, PA
6/27 -
Argilla Brewing Company - DE
7/8 -
New Deal Cafe - Greenbelt, MD
7/9 -
Baine’s Books & Coffee - Scottsville, VA
7/10 -
Baine’s Books & Coffee - Appomattox, VA
7/11 -
The Purple Fiddle - Thomas, WV
7/12 -
The Purple Fiddle - Thomas, WV
7/18 -
Common Cafe and Tavern - Rumney, NH
7/21 -  The Shaskeen - Manchester, NH
7/23 -
The Common Man - Windham, NH

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news 4.24.14

Last night was roughly my 450th solo show, and I reflected on that as I played my three 45 minute sets at the Common Man. It’s at these long gigs that I’ve learned so much about people, just by observation and the kind folks that I meet. It gives me some paid time to woodshed and work out new tunes. I’m thankful that I keep being asked back to venues on the east coast. Thank you for checking in on my whereabouts...All is well, and I have been hammering out a new album, to be recorded very soon. I’ve also updated the shows list for the summer months. Hope to see you out there somewhere.

news 2.26.15

With my morning coffee usually comes a good deal of contemplation. I think that is a trait that has followed me most all of my time on this earth. Teachers used to tell my parents I was a “day dreamer”
Hey, can you blame me? The little movies and thoughts and ideas going on inside my head were much more interesting than mathematics or science. Maybe something way back then made me pre-disposed to reflecting on things, and writing them down, making little songs out of ‘em. Sometimes I just think back to that time, and try and remember a single day, or a memory that sticks out in my mind as a little test or exercise. Go after what you love, and ignore those who tell you otherwise, who cause that sinking feeling in your gut that means you’ve just been cut down. Day-dream all you want.

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Tristan Omand
PO BOX 973
Manchester N.H. 03105 U.S.A.

New song, “Chimney Smoke”  March 2015

Photo by Shivohn Kacy Flemming, taken at Chit Chat Lounge in Haverhill, MA - April 11, 2015